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Can you help with this photo, please?

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I downloaded this photo a while back but can't remember where from.  I thought it was from Eddie Manion's FB page but I can't see it there anymore.

It's a photo of some of Bruce's road crew in a diner in Asbury.  Obviously Ed is in it along with Kevin Buell and George Travis.  Bob Chirmside is apparently one of the others, but I cannot remember which one or who the others are.

Any help would be appreciated.



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found it on Ed's timeline from 23 October 2015! Here's his comment: "This will probably be one of my favorite photos of all time! Thanks guys for coming to my #nightlife cd first listen event in Asbury Park 9/23/15 . Wow! What a great feeling seeing you all in one place. Very special and I thank you all. Kevin Buell JIMMY McDUFFY, George Travis, DREW HOUSEWORTH, Bobby Chermside and Sean Mcgovern Enjoying lunch at Franks with friends!" (I knew I recognised Jim McDuffy!

Dan French rules!

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2 hours ago, Eileen said:

Bobby Chirmside, 2nd right, not Curt.

That's from Dan, mebbies more to come.


And a damn good Keith Floyd Doppleganger ha! (loved old Floyd!) - glad you got it ALL resolved.

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On 3/25/2020 at 11:49 AM, Promise61 said:


This is indeed a pretty iconic picture of the Springsteen road crew:

  • Kevin Buell: Springsteen's guitar tech since 1986 or, as Springsteen introduced him on the The Ghost Of Tom Joad Tour, "my guitar man, financial advisor, guru, yoga instructor, sexual counselor, bookie, and mystery keyboardist….". But started with the band on the OZ leg of the BITUSA tour as a saxophone tech
  • Ed Manion: Springsteen's Sax player 1976 tour-1988 tour-2012 into 2014 tour
  • Jim McDuffie: Springsteen’s former security man - also Jim the Dancing Bear during story in the middle of Growin' Up 1985
  • George Travis: Springsteen's Production/Tour Manager
  • Drew Houseworth: ????
  • Bob Chirmside: Springsteen's road manager circa 1975-1981 (and playing bass on "It's a Shame")
  • Sean McGovern: Springsteen's stage manager
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