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When you're alone

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I was driving around today with my youngest, 12 yo. I was listening to When you're are alone, and I stopped talking to my son for a while, just listened to the song... He noticed I was focused, and shut up until we got home. Wise boy. 

We have a Dachshund. AKA the Sausage dog. The dog came running to the door, greeting us, and my son suddenly started to sing: 

When you're long, you're long, you ain't nothing but long.


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Rolling Srone said something like the action had changed from the streets to the sheets.

Edit: I found the Rolling Stone Tunnel album review (nice to have these things at hand): 'The battleground has moved from the streets to the sheets, but the battle hasn't changed significantly'.

But I see now this is out of context and does not say much. I will post more later. First have some shopping and hoarding to do now...

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9 minutes ago, Lampi said:

Was that the same man who gave Human Touch a 5-star review?

It was indeed.  And it bagged him a trip to LA for an exclusive interview with Bruce during band rehearsals for that tour.  I think the Beeb did a special on it.

Hepworth is Marmite to me.  Sometimes his writing is great and cuts right to the heart of what it means to have music front and centre in your life.  But, other times it's self opiniated waffle. 

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Something more from the Rolling Stone review of the Tunnel Of Love album by Steve Pond:

'Of course, the religious images and the frequent references to weddings will tempt those who want to think these songs tell us about Springsteen's own recent marriage. But to read Tunnel Of Love as a report from the marital front is far too facile and ignores the fact that Springsteen was telling similar stories as far back as Darkness On The Edge Of Town, in 1978. Since then, he has written about the promises our country makes to its people and the way it reneges on those promises, about the dreams our land inspires and the things that stifle those dreams and about the glory in simply persevering. On Tunnel Of Love, Springsteen is writing about the promises people make to each other and the way they renege on those promises, about the romantic dreams we're brought up with and the internal demons that stifle those dreams. The battleground has changed from the streets to the sheets, but the battleground hasn't changed significantly.'

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