Surprise Annoucement Friday @10 EST

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Subscribe and get free toilet roll ? 

Well past experience told me not to be TOO optimistic but I can't deny that this (with all that is going on) is more than disappointing (it feels kinda embarrassing in a way!)………...why bother...……

She means that in her household there are no big Coronavirus-related problems so far. No need to make her look like a “non-mammal” because she didn’t express her maternal worries via satellite radio.

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2 minutes ago, jmw said:

And the prize is a packet of hob nobs.

Unfortunately I'm not allowed to deliver them, so I'm afraid I'll just have to eat them myself. 

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1 hour ago, Jimmy James said:

No!! Jim Rotello put out a sentence of a surprise on the radio station for 10am this morning. I've been a member of XM Radio and ESR for about 7 years now. I can count on two hands how many times Bruce has been on live on the radio station. So it is a surprise when Bruce shows up on it. 

I believe us as a board has blown it out of proportion. 

Exactly JJ.   It’s rare when Bruce calls in, and I do find it exciting when he does!  

I thought it was either going to be a chat like it was, or possibly either a new song, or a serenade of an oldie but goodie.  

2 hours ago, StolenCar66 said:

Currently, if you are not in the NY/NJ metro area, you cannot imagine the distress mentally this area is under. 


The ‘epicenter’ (Teaneck) is where I taught for 24 years.  I’m worried about friends, former students, etc..  

The cousin of a friend is a nurse at Holy Name Hospital (in Teaneck) and what she’s described over the last few weeks is beyond the beyonds of horrifying.  She’s in quarantine now awaiting test results. 

My oldest and dearest friend’s daughter is at nurse at Valley Hospital (Ridgewood).  She’s been in quarantine for about a week now, and  got her positive results yesterday.  

Don’t misunderstand.  I’m not AT ALL saying people in other areas of the US (or anywhere) have it easy.  Nobody does.  

Fully aware that there’s massive amounts of fear, anxiety, depression, pain, and suffering EVERYWHERE.  In every country, world wide.  

Yes, it would’ve been nice to hear a new song or something.  

And yes, there are people who don’t care at all about hearing a conversation with Bruce.  

Personally, I loved just hearing his voice.  Loved hearing him talk about his conversations with Jackson Browne; as well as the music he likes to listen to, the books he likes to read.

After everything this man has contributed over the many decades; musically and otherwise... nope, not disappointed at all.   

If there’s another album in the works... great.  If not, that’s ok too.   

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2 hours ago, jmw said:

I enjoyed listening to him talk, even made me laugh when he went to find the books, probably had to find his glasses first.


I too was picturing him rummaging through piles of stuff on his desk/end table  "Where the hell did I put that"

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2 hours ago, Pregnant Sally said:

I wouldn't want Bruce to feel forced either, which is why it's neither here nor there whether he or any other artist says/sings anything.  

He could be terrified, I didn't even think of his son working on the front-lines because of this.  

Thanks for the link janey, I will have a listen to that.  


Ah, thank Paolo - he put it on here first! Not everyone is an old saddo like me, who reads threads from the first page onwards!

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16 minutes ago, CmonMrTrouble said:

I too was picturing him rummaging through piles of stuff on his desk/end table  "Where the hell did I put that"

It is a nice image.

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41 minutes ago, risingaurora said:

It was a load of shit. Wise up Bruce ffs. 

The guy calls into E Street Radio, which is rare, and it's a load of shit?  

Hope that post is in jest and I fell for it.  

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4 hours ago, Pregnant Sally said:

Are you talking about What Have I Done?  Heard that the other day, great freakin' tune that is.  

Disgusted with the shut up and sing brigade.  

What Have I Done is good, but Only Children, the single released today is the best of the 3 tracks from Reunions I have heard so far. It is brilliant.


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8 hours ago, Paolo's Circus Story said:


thanks for posting Paolo

i greatly appreciated hearing his voice and just knowing him and Patty were good, pretty much just hanging out like the rest of us

he sounded weary and worried but i very much enjoyed hearing his wee laugh

it was really nice to hear from Patty

it really was such a nice little chat like you might have with anyone right now

it was hard to catch the bit about being overwelmed ? he is too overwelmed to think about release dates and tours ?

if that is what he said that is completly normal right now 

NYC and NJ sound like they have a very similar relationship to NZ and Australia 

when the shit hits the fan we are in this together 

God bless you Bruce and Patty

stay safe, stay healthy,  enjoy each other's company and releash  the time spent with your beautiful horses 

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7 hours ago, Paolo's Circus Story said:

Next thing you'll be telling me that he didn't write "Summer of '69" either :rolleyes:

At least he still has that Jessie's Girl tune...

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