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4 minutes ago, Dr. Zoom said:

Isn't this the first instance in the Archive series of two consecutive shows being released independently? As opposed to Christic, No Nukes...

They released the Passaic 1978 and Nassau 1980 shows separately too!

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Just now, whispered secret said:

@Wout I am so, so happy for you! 

 Thank youuuu!!!! :wub:

I hope everyone else is enjoying this one as much as I do!!! 


I'm currently at Backstreets, which is breathtaking as well! 

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Just now, Lampi said:

That was me.... (sorry).

The thing about this I really like WOASD in the studio version and the live versions without Sunny Day kid, which makes it more annoying (compared to when you are a not a fan of the song anyway).

Its a great song spoiled by out of tune kids, night after night after night

Its a great little gimic and the casual bucket listers lap it up but some of those kids are way too little to be in the pit

Bruce needs grandchildren 

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2 minutes ago, Daisey Jeep said:

Mines in my inbox but i gotta delate some crap to make room for the files to fit on my phone

Maybe after some sleep

If you decide to go to bed now, sweet dreams.

But you will regret your decision when you finally listen to the show tomorrow. 



Honestly, priorities Daisy Jeep! LOST IN THE FLOOD!!! 

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If you like this ... Jake's first Jungleland ... then grab this video and Bruce's "you just nailed it, Jake".  So well done. And great respect to how Bruce honores his performance. See it to the end.

Now we're all big fans of Jake. Big Man II.



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1 minute ago, bobfan1976 said:

Musically first few songs are pretty rough vocally, sound quality seems to take a leap for the better around My Lucky Day. Non-musically, amongst all the uncertainty it’s reassuring that the First Friday Rollason regardless.

The only one I find off vocally, is We Take Care Of Our Own, Bruce is very low in the mix!!  

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I have never listened to any audience recording of this concert. Didn't want to ruin my memories of the concert by listening to it in crappy sound. For 12 years I have been waiting for the official release. Now, it has finally paid off! :)

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