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The closest thing to Bruce Springsteen has passed....

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The outpouring of love for Bill Withers on The Guardian's website news article about his death is really touching - I don't think there was a negative comment below the line, which testifies to the magic of Bill Withers' music and the beauty of his mellow voice.

I know that I'll be re-watching the wonderful documentary he made a few years back, which is available on YouTube. 


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I was stunned to learn from The Guardian site that this song is Bill Withers' vocals.

It got played a lot on Aussie radio, and was always credited to just Grover Washington Jr.





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?uestlove’s quote is in a lot of obituaries, but I can’t seem to find the original Rolling Stone article. I did find this flattering little piece on Brilliant Disguise.


I would love to see those Jimmy Fallon performances again. That was the best E-Street Shuffle ever. Unfortunately, those performances with the Roots are no longer available.

Also nice to browse through is this fine collection of liver performances 


This is not half bad either

I would really like for Springsteen to work with the Roots again. Maybe when a new record comes he can visit Fallon again!

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That was the best E-Street Shuffle ever, was just thinking about that the other day.  What a tragedy those performances are no longer available, all the Fallon performances were so damn good, weird that they're not available anywhere, not even on youtube?  

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