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The Official April 8th 2020 SiriusXM Bruce’s Farm SetListVision thread

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Just now, Marilla Gorilla said:

I suspect Bruce is structuring this so it deals with feeling bad and then ends on a hopeful note 

I hope so :)

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3 minutes ago, Buddhabone said:

Baseball is my obsession besides Bruce, grew up in Dodger Stadium.

Reds fan here, Dodgers are my second favorite. Dodger stadium is a great place for a game 

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Just now, Rizla said:

There you go, it IS live. 

At the very least he added a segment last night.

Guessing he pre-recorded most of it before this morning, but could have added some easily at the last minute

Wasn't this supposed to be an hour?


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2 minutes ago, AMIW said:

bruce talks about John Prine as a national treasure, complete original

Angel from Montgomery

lots of cover versions of this but search out the duet with EmmyLou if you have time

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