The Official April 8th 2020 SiriusXM Bruce’s Farm SetListVision thread

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Working in the basement, creating lots of useless spreadsheets
Working in the basement, all day long I don't stop
Working in the basement, hiding from the family
Working in the basement, working in the basement



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Social distancing during SLV.

You know what he's like with curfews.

When needed the SLV committee is busted out of jail/old people’s home For one special event  

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Just now, berlintramp said:

I have what I believe is sirius radio, but which of the many channels do I call up?

channel 20 is E Street radio

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How are we going to handle the colours?

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Bruce speaks to us... Duanne Eddys 40 miles of Bad Road in background will need a @judgebrown ruling if that counts as a song

Turn on Tune in Drop Out with me from Cracker plays

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1 minute ago, Paolo's Circus Story said:

Is this 2/10/09 version of "Tenth" I've just stuck on part of the show?

Sounds like its in relatively decent audio quality too...

There is an IEM of that 'Mericans call it 10/2/2009 Giants Stadium!!

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