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For those of you who know Pink Floyd, you will know that the bassist since 1987 is accomplished session muso Guy Pratt. (also a member of Icehouse at one point)

He has also played on a lot of other sessions and albums, some pretty iconic, some surprising.

He has started a YouTube channel to keep himself occupied and I couldn't be happier.

Each episode is him breaking down his parts on something he played on.

Ive been a fan since the first time I saw him, still young and clean shaven, singing the "We'll send you home to mama in a cardboard box!" line on Delicate Sound of Thunder.


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2 minutes ago, Jerseyfornia said:

"I love this whole realignment of, you know, people seeing who really matters in society."


I need to find a copy of his book, My Bass and other Animals.

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20 minutes ago, Promise61 said:

He's a great guy. Met him once at a function in Cardiff (he's married to Rick Wright's daughter). Also a great stand up comedian.

He mentions the Rick Wright daughter thing in the new video, a bit of a humorous story...

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