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Hello all,

I’m looking into the guitar techniue solos for 

i wish i were i were blind (plugged version)

41 shots (linyc version)

Long Walk Home (studio version)


they seem similar in style, im just wondering if anybody know what he’s doing in his playing to get this effect

thank you

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On I wish I were blind there doesn't seem to be too much going on. A LOT of distortion, a few hammer-ons and pull-offs, a few slides here and there, quite a bit of hand made vibrato and maybe a few bends here or there. (I Think it's in G# major if that helps).

41 Shots: Again a LOT of heavy distortion, a lot of hand vibrato mixed with the distortion is probably what makes that special sound. 

As a conclusion I don't think that there's really anything special going on with his hands. The "effect" you're looking for is probably just mostly in the distortion. I don't really know what pedals he's using but you can probably find that out somewhere else on the internet. I Think that there are some older posts in the Union Street section that might give you a good idea of what he's using but I Think you're better of finding a sound that reflects YOU better, your own sound. You don't need anything special for playing these solos I just recommend that you learn them using a cleaner sound first and then when you've got it you can knock on some distortion. 

Hope this helps, I am in no way a musical expert so my answers might not have been what you were looking for but I hope that it helped at least a little. Stay healthy and keep rocking. 

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Agree with Mumford. Find your own sound. I really like the solo in Wish I was Blind but if I tried to recreate it people would say it sounded horrible. Personally I would go more for a nice warm clean sound.

i don't think he adds much distortion. To me it sounds like he boosts the front end of the amp which “pressure”  the tubes in the amp into this beautiful overdrive sound. This means you have to play LOUD to get that sound with an amp. Not something you can recreate at home easily. 

keep on rocking!

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