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Meryl Streep - My Love Won’t Let You Down

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i very much enjoyed this movie

im shocked its now 5 years old

Meryl does a really fun job of this one

her character made me think about all the really good perforners who just never got that lucky break

we owe much to Mike Appel

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The band was composed of guitarist Rick Springfield, drummer Joe Vitale, and keyboardist Bernie Worrell, Rick rosas on bass died before the film was released

backing up Meryl Streep, as "Ricki", on vocals and guitar.

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5 minutes ago, GoingDown84 said:

She was great. I liked this movie very much.

I saw her in "Mamma Mia" and after this movie I had no doubt that she can sing this song!

check out Florence Foster Jenkins :lol:

i don't know how they made that movie with a straight  face  

- a nice if rather tragic true story



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Meryl Streep is a great actor and I think she's doing a great job here for an actor. Still, movie actors performing music on stage or musicians acting on film shows how much hard work and talent it takes to get really good at it. Bob Dylan has great charisma on stage with a band  but any b-actor runs circles around him in a movie. Same goes the other way around. Streep, Depp or Crowe look like amateurs on stage with their bands. It's surprising but in my opinion true. Then there a people that can do both things. Lady Gaga for example.

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20 hours ago, Fifer said:

From the 2015 movie Ricki and the Flash, with Rick Springfield on guitar.

A good fun version of a great song

I thought the song was really good but Jesus my ears are going cos I couldn't understand the spoken parts. :blink:

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