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Darkness East Rutherford 07.09.81

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6 hours ago, Lampi said:

Despite my previous post, I think Bruce is a very good judge of his own work and only lost the plot on The River and on Human Touch. (In terms of song selection and the often excellent sequencing; not talking now about things like the often-maligned production on some albums (Magic and Human Touch), or the lack of tunes on Devils & Dust and Joad (or about Mr. Morello...)).

It goes even back to the first album, with Mary Queen and The Angel better songs than all the other pre-Greetings songs (TBH a reason for this could be Mary Queen and The Angel were worked on in the studio, while the songs heard on semi-legal releases as The Early Years, Prodigal Son etc. are only songs in demo form).

WIESS: Not much to discuss except maybe Seaside Bar Song or Thundercrack replacing Wild Billy-especially as Wild Billy sounds like a song that maybe belongs more to the first than the second album; Bruce had developed into the Bruce of Side 2 of WIESS by then (but I really like Wild Billy!).

Born To Run: Mike Appel wanted Linda Let Me Be The One on the album instead of Meeting Across The River; no question Bruce made the right decision in choosing between the two (but I really like Linda! And Walking In The Streets (Lovers In The Cold) is a fantastic song but did not fit on the album too).

Darkness: Nothing wrong with the greatest album of all time, by anyone.

The River: allready discussed; with Drive All Night, Out In The Street, You Can Look... and I'm A Rocker the songs that should not be on the album. Some serious doubts now if Crush On You should be kicked out too. I Wanna Marry you is not a very good song but fits perfectly where it is (our man is a master in sequencing indeed).

BUSA: Now that is very easy. Bruce got permission from Columbia to release Nebraska; Columbia got their big hit album. That's why Darlington County and Working On The Highway are on BUSA and This Hard Land and Shut Out The Light are not (and nothing wrong with Darlington County and Working On The Highway!)(or anything wrong with the album and the music anyway; not talking now about things like the cover with Bruce's ass, about the DITD and I'm On Fire music videos, about the dance remixes).

Tunnel: Bruce Springsteen's most perfectly sequenced album.

Human Touch: Kick the last 3 songs out-especially the last 2 songs-; Seven Angels and 30 Days Out should have been on the album. Maybe When The Lights Go Out. And Real World in the Christic version. Most HT/LT era songs on Tracks Disc 4 are not really good songs and also sound like demos.

Joad: OK, of course Brothers Under The Bridge should have been the closing song instead of My Best.

What could have been different: release some 'left-over albums' -1979 and 1985 good years for that-; release some stand-alone singles with songs that 'did not fit on the album' (with a non-album B-Side of course),  instead of waiting until Tracks in 1998. And lets not forget some songs on The Promise and The River outtakes were not released on an album because they were never proper finished until 2010 and 2015.

Where to start?
we're never all gonna agree, but since you gave your opinion I want to give mine, and have the right to (I was too damn tired to try earlier)

Agree he is in NO WAY the best judge of his own work, and that he totally lost the plot on The River (thank you for nothing Jon Landau) and Human Touch.

I also think Tom Morello was a great thing to happen for Bruce as it inspired Bruce to tour, yes on an album most don't like (hey, it had The Wall), but a tour nonetheless, keeping Bruce doing things for a while when he might not have, and allowing those who hadn't seen Bruce before to see him and the E Street Band, albeit without Steve, then. (Touring South Africa for the first time, for example). In fact I think the E Street Band could've stopped touring after that last show at Mohegan in Uncasville. (but that's another thing one can have different opinions about - I am not here to argue, arguing is generally the cause of the worst part of human nature)

Greetings: I love The Angel. Not Mary Queen so much. However as much as I would skip that as a kid, I can listen to it now. Regarding more songs, there were some more recorded according to that book E Street Shuffle, including a song that Bruce wanted BADLY to be on the album and it didn't make it, The Chosen. (same with the second album, another lost song, that we've never heard, Fire On The Wing; these two songs I'd like to have released much more than another song we've already heard on bootlegs!)

WIESS is near perfect - except for the title track! (See, we're all never gonna agree). It's grown on me some though.....I do love Seaside Bar Song and Thundercack too also. But I love Wild Billy's Circus Story even more. It also fits there perfectly between Kitty's Back and Incident, sequencing-wise.

BTR: yes thank goodness that Mike Appel stood up and told Bruce and Jon "No way, over my dead body! These songs are SHIT!" (and he added in the interview in that Backstreets with the part of that, it was two issues, "nobody would ever speak that way to Bruce now! are you kidding?")

But as he added, he WON. He got Meeting Across The River. We can thank Mike Appel for that. I think the idea of Bruce putting Linda Let Me Be The One (or worse, Lovers In The Cold - an okay song, but God, there must be a better vocal than the one that's leaked!) on the album Born To Run would have seriously tainted it! Linda's an okay song, nothing great, and like this one review I saw in Backstreets when Tracks came out, I too greatly prefer the previously bootlegged version of that to the one on Tracks.

Darkness, I agree, is perfect.

Do I like Because The Night more than Factory?

You bet your ass!

But would it have fit?

I don't know.......


The River: what a wreck.

I would have kept all the songs on side 1 (though God, the '77 or '78 recording of Sherry Darling is SO much better! So less slick, which didn't suit the song as well.)

And I would have kept You Can Look (the best rocker on there and one of the best songs, along with Jackson Cage and The Ties That Bind), Out In The Street, The River, Cadillac Ranch, The Price You Pay....

and dropped all the fucking rest, even if some are good or very good. I think I'm A Rocker is okay, slightly amusing and fun, but JESUS,

what about:

ROULETTE. Restless Nights, Where The Bands Are, the original Stolen Car (the album version is okay, the atmosphere, but the original is incredible), Take 'em As They Come, Loose Ends, Held Up Without A Gun, Little White Lies, I Wanna Be With You, Living On The Edge Of The World, and Dollhouse.

Little Steven was right IMO: he said that every song on Tracks disc 2 from The River sessions was a lost argument for him, and I feel the album would have been a million times better if only his input was favored over JON'S, a man who knows nothing about rock and roll (or thus artistic decisions) but plenty about commerce.

Regarding Born In The USA....Nebraska ruled. (I wish Born In The U.S.A. was released in its original acoustic version from that though. GOD how I wish that...)


OH and My Best Was Never Good Enough was a GREAT song!

He should have put Brothers on instead of The New Timer.

I had to post after seeing that great song, My Best Was Never Good Enough, get trashed once again.

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56 minutes ago, soulcrusader78 said:

Where to start? we're never all gonna agree

I also think Tom Morello was a great thing to happen for Bruce

WIESS is near perfect - except for the title track!

OH and My Best Was Never Good Enough was a GREAT song! He should have put Brothers on instead of The New Timer.

Looks now we agree more than your first sentence might suggest. Like about Morello-the right person at the right time (Mr. Morello's political opinions are something else-trust the art, not the artist).

Don't you like the slow versions of The E Street Shuffle from 1974 and 1975?

Can we compromise on Brothers replacing Galveston Bay? How a good idea-ending an album full of death and despair and misery on a positive note-led to one of the dullest Bruce Springsteen songs (Silver Palomino comes close too, but at least that song could have been better -maybe- with a better, 'normal' vocal). My Best... is a strange song, it is not even a bad song, but it sounds like Bruce trying to be funny while he is not.

In the end, could it be a difference in appreciation between U.S.A. (and maybe Canada) listeners and European listeners, not familiair with most of the U.S.A. proverbs and expressions used in My Best? (this was mentioned at the time as a possible reason while My Best was dropped from the setlist halfway the 1996 European Tour).

Who wanted Linda Let Me Be The One on Born To Run instead of Meeting Across The River? I thought it was Mike Appel, you and @HeroOfVirtue say it was Jon Landau. I'm confused now...

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