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Backstreets partial collection for sale on eBay


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NOW SOLD! Thanks for looking :-)


For sale on eBay: set of 27 Backstreets magazine issues, complete from issue 63 (Summer 1999) to the most recent issue 91 (Fall/Winter 2013), selling as a single lot.
Total 27 magazines, including two double issues.
Includes the tribute issues to Danny Federici and Clarence Clemons.
Mint condition, with light wear and tear on two issues (#75 and #78).
Total for set: £70 including postage anywhere. Best offers for the set also considered via the eBay link below :-)
Selling on behalf of an anonymous friend who's struggling financially...

BONUS INCLUDED: Rare vintage 1983 UK fanzine POINT BLANK #6, mint condition (rusty '80s staples!)


MS Backstreets sale 27 issues.jpg


Backstreets sale 27 issues.jpg


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