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River Tour leather jacket

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I meant to mention this earlier - think it's still on. There's an auction online to do with Chris Evans and Virgin Radio - an auction that, I think, finishes later today.

One lot is the jacket. Just in case anybody's interested.

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2 minutes ago, Promise61 said:

Tnx for the heads up. That's my favourite Bruce era. But I'm allergic to C***s E***s so I'll have to pass.

That's a shame cos the money raised is going towards buying scrubs for the NHS. Anything over one million is going to other charities who are facing tough times.

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1 minute ago, Promise61 said:

That's a lovely thing to do.

Maybe Croesus rich Chris can outbid everyone to maximise the winning total.

I think it all started with his son, Noah. He camped out in his den in the back garden for 30 nights and this is following on from that … getting all sorts of folk to offer favourite things up for auction.

Somebody even bid for Noah's beloved race track game … and gave it back to Noah. Some great lots up for grabs.

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31 minutes ago, Kburke said:

Oh, so it’s not actually Bruce’s jacket?  It’s just merch? 

That's right … River jacket. Heck, imagine what it'd cost if it WAS Bruce's.

I see it's doing well.

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