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Bono names his top 60 songs that saved his life. There's one Springsteen song on the list. Can you guess which one?

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On 5/13/2020 at 4:09 PM, JudgeBrown said:

There is no denying that a sense of the preposterous drifts around Bono like dry ice. But the interesting question is: so what? Put “preposterous” in a sentence with “front man of massive stadium rock band that has sold 175 million records” and it becomes a tautology. Is Mick Jagger not preposterous? Is Lady Gaga modest? If Elton John sat in jeans and jumper at his grand piano, would he fill stadiums and sell records? Bono exists in an economy whose currency is hyperinflation, a culture whose language is exaggeration, a logic whose reason is absurdity.

True. All of the 'great' talents in rock /popular music walk a very thin line that easily crosses into the preposterous zone. It's the nature of the beast. 

Ah, the great evenings I've had alone with a bottle of wine watching U2 live DVDs. Take Popmart live from Mexico City - pompous OTT ego driven spectacle but at the same time utterly brilliant.   The haters just need to chill, relax and go with flow. 

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Bono / U2 are one of those mega rock acts all too easy to dismiss until you delve back into their work or see some of their live shows and you understand why they are where they are. One of the greate

Gotta say....Pretty brave of you to start a Bono thread on the main board  The disdain for Mr. Hewson grows deep here. In fact, I think he comes in 2nd on the most despised list, right below the STING

Yeah but some (if not all for many) of those tags could be pinned on the vast majority of rock & pop stars since the genre started - it's part of the credentials required for the job...……..those t

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'I don’t know if this is about a father saying goodbye to his daughter as she sets off to find her own life… I don’t need to know. 
It’s about everybody who has to let go of something perfect.
THERE GOES MY MIRACLE is the greatest singing and writing of your life, I guess it took your whole life. And yes, some of us feel like we’ve lived it with you.
Your amigo, 

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