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Tester wanted for a little web project

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Hi, I hope I'm not in the wrong forum.

I'm looking for nice volunteer(s) to test a little project we've done of statistics and numbers of Springsteen's official tours concert.
Nothing definitive, nothing new, just something to have fun with.
We gladly accept criticism, suggestions, help and insults (well, maybe not...).

Here is the link: www.itsbosstime.com

Thanks in any case.

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I signed up. On first glance it is very cool! This is the sort of thing I've always wanted to do for myself but the amount of data entry would be so tedious. This is very user friendly and spits out many interesting stats.

EDIT: Example of a cool stat - I have been to 21 shows and I have had 14 different opening songs. Only 4 repeat openers. I never would have realized my experience featured that level of diversity.

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I did this a while ago.  

Sat with my stubs, and short list of 3 shows w/out stubs (my first two were on my wall in my college apartment... they fell behind the radiator, never to be seen again; and one show my friend’s sister got the tickets and they were on her phone...) and entered all my info. 

I go on a lot to check this or that.  Very cool site.  

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On 5/19/2020 at 11:19 AM, JimCT said:

hmmm, I can't get to that site

changed browsers and did get there

but many of the shows I attended are not available for selection

I got this sorted, but two comments. First, there has to be a method for updating/changing one's show dates. That seems not to exist now. Second, the end of the D&D tour was missing as selection options.

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Thank you for every single answer
I'll make a note of the missing concerts and we'll try to fill them in during the week.
@JimCT You can update/add/delete your own's show dates the same way you add it. But tell me if it is not so clear as we try to make it different.

Thanks again


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