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High resolution Archive Series artwork

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Hey guys just a quick one

I've been really motivated blog-wise the last two weeks after the reactions to my latest Springsteen blogs and have been planning out the last 8 Previously from the archive guides I've got left to write about. 

I've ran into an issue regarding the artwork for Apollo 2012 though. The largest and, well, only pic of the artwork that I can find is


I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me out as to where I can find a higher quality photo of Archive #1. It would be massively appreciated. 

Thanks, and I hope everyone is keeping well. 

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How's it going? I was wondering if anyone has copies of the artwork from these 2016 releases in a higher resolution than 600 x 600? 

- 2016-02-02 Toronto, ON
- 2016-03-13 Oakland, CA
- 2016-03-15 Los Angeles, CA
- 2016-03-19 Los Angeles, CA
- 2016-03-31 Denver, CO
- 2016-04-03 Oklahoma City, OK
- 2016-05-25 Manchester, GB
- 2016-06-03 Coventry, GB
- 2016-06-17 Munich, DE
- 2016-06-19 Berlin. DE
- 2016-07-20 Horsens, DK
- 2016-07-31 Zurich, CH
- 2016-08-30 East Rutherford, NJ


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On 6/15/2021 at 1:16 AM, Paolo's Circus Story said:

2016-07-20 Horsens, DK



This is made from a photo of the cover.
I have the CD version of this Live Series. (format 1985x1811 ... sorry, but ... tried my best)

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I'm working on collecting full scale copies of all the archive show covers (1500 or 1600px)

Could someone extract the cover for 2016-04-05 - Dallas? It's the last one I need for 2016.

Thanks in advance

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I spent the last few days compiling all of the archive series covers into one place. All original res (1500/1600px) covers. Either from my collection or by asking around.


I got all the first friday releases and all the 2016/17 covers in high resolution. 2014 is still mostly 800x800 pixels, but I'm working on that.

Just click "source code (zip)" and you'll download all the covers sorted by year.

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