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I only got to see 2 shows on the '78 tour, but I loved this era of his band. Came across this today. Enjoy!


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and this, from the 2012 tour

Black And White - 7:14

I'm Alive - 5:40

Farther On - 5:18

The Naked Ride Home - 8:06

Live Nude Cabaret - 4:34

Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate - 2:35

The Pretender - 7:01

A Child In These Hills - 6:02

Tokyo Girl - 4:54

These Days - 6:29

In The Shape Of A Heart - 6:32

The Late Show - 6:26

I'll Do Anything - 6:18

Running On Empty - 6:15

Take It Easy - 5:28

Rock Me On The Water - 6:01

Before The Deluge - 10:00

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I saw him in Syracuse in 1983 and last summer in Missoula. The Missoula show was outdoors and it had the best sound I've ever experienced at a concert. You could hear every instrument clearly.

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