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Book project about "Bruce in Europe 1975-1981"

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Hi everyone, we're starting a project called French River 81 (it’s likely going to be a book but it could also feature an audio/video component). This project focuses on the release of The River in France and the concerts held during the Spring of 1981 but it will cover the previous years as there was a long wait before these concerts but "things" were happening nonetheless. We already “discovered” some pretty cool and interesting stuffs!

We're looking for all testimonies, photos and souvenirs from that period. If you happen to have attended one of these concerts, please get in touch with us. The project is in French but we'll publish texts in foreign languages with a translation.

PS : there is a Facebook page that you can visit :

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PS A quick question (for people with deep knowledge of Bruce's touring history!) : while doing some archive works, we found several references to "potential" European Tour(s) in 1978/1979/1980 which is hardly a surprise. Attempts and rumors were obviously on the agenda at the time.

But, I was striked by the fact that several newspaper had a Springsteen concert "to be held in Paris, October 1st 1978" as a fact.
Were there any rumors at the time for other shows in Europe?




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