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14 hours ago, Paolo's Circus Story said:

It's lose-lose, really. He'd have been as criticised for playing virtually the same set every night for 89 shows as he currently is for mixing it up after the first leg. 

Missing the point.   People who had bought tickets that promised a complete performance of The River expected to get that. 
You have to remember that most people don't go to multiple shows, so they wouldn't care what was played elsewhere.

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Some explanations by the man himself https://www.backstreets.com/riverinterview.html Backstreets: So this tour comes as quite a surprise! Springsteen: It was a surprise. It was a surprise

Well, money.

I have a lot of reasons ....all conjecture....To Promote the Box Set ? Because Steve Asked really nicely ?  ....or because the the original River show in 2009 was ecstatically received and he wanted t

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One thing about this was:

Compared to BTR, Darkness and BUSA, The River was always a little bit underplayed after 1981; and the songs which were played, were the usual suspects: Hungry Heart, Out In The Street, Ramrod, Two Hearts, Cadillac Ranch, the song The River. Also, but not as often, Ties That Bind, Sherry Darling, You Can Look.

That's 9 songs, the other 11 were more or less rarities (some of them more played than others, but more or less: all rarities (this all writing without an actual 'most played songs' list or something at hand). So many European fans were looking forward to finally hear all those rarities live (and the full River album itself, with also the warhorses in context of the album). That did not happen.

Then many thought there would at least be a sort of River theme in the European shows, with let's say 7-10 River songs played every night, including a few rarities each show; with variation, meaning you could -maybe- still get most of the 20 River songs when attending multiple shows [ as said before in this topic]. That did not happen either.

Finally, something else: those expecing a setlist full of River outtakes rarities in the big arenas in the U.S.A. [before it was announced all U.S.A. shows would be full River album shows], let alone in European stadiums, really don't have any sense of reality.



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On 6/3/2020 at 10:34 PM, borntorunsean said:

What was the reason behind the second the river tour? Great shows and loved it, but why tour with 35 year old album?

I would guess Bruce thought to himself "hmm... that Luís 'numbers' guy from Portugal didn't get to see me perform the last time around... I think I'll give him another shot!". That's the only possible explanation. :D

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