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So here's a tune my kid just sent me—it's a song from Patrick Cassels:


A Bruce Springsteen-style song I wrote with Brian Murphy a few years ago for an unproduced CollegeHumor music video. It’s about being nostalgic for the town you grew up in, when the town you grew up in was an overdeveloped suburb. The song isn’t sponsored by anyone; we just love chain restaurants. Composed by Jay Wadley.


I would say "too real" but I think it's just about the right amount of realness. 

The fishing hole and the baseball field 
The plant with workers making steel 
It breaks my heart to see these things 
They all used to be Burger Kings

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Believe it or not, I had a part time job in college working in Sizzler's accounting department, which was located in offices above one of their restaurants that later became a Chili's after Sizzler exited the market.  So this has definitely piqued my curiosity.  Would this happen to be the about the Secaucus, NJ Sizzler cum Chili's?

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