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Hi everyone. Just asking for some opinions on the Pittsburgh 2016 remix?

i know it’s much better than the original release/mix. However, when listening to the samples, Bruce’s voice sounds very distant or buried in the mix.

is this overly distracting when listening to the show? I’m on the fence about purchasing it and am hoping to hear everyone’s thoughts. Thanks!


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I haven't listened to it in a while, but remember being impressed with the performance regardless of the inconsistent audio. The track that stands out for that is "Independence Day", where Bruce's opening monologue is audience recording quality, but in the song proper it's not that bad, and the band instrumentals can be heard perfectly. 

If it's any help, I didn't include it in my River Tour (Best Of) guide focusing on the January - April shows, and I opted for the 2nd night of the tour in Chicago over it mainly based on the contrast in audio: https://cantfindtickets.wordpress.com/2018/08/01/the-best-of-the-river-tour-2016-17-january-to-april-2016/

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