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Sad times, I knew it was coming from the twitter info but still very sad. 

34 years, and many great Bruce (and others)  features too.  Used to buy this a lot, but not so much recently.  


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Very good (maybe not great) in the 80s and 90s.

Apart from always giving most attention to 'mainstream music' (the better mainstream music), it was also always a very British magazine; but I think the last 20 years or so it became less and less interesting for non-UK readers (judging from the few issues I still bought at the newsstand, 1 or 2 times a year; some years in the 90s I always bought it except 1 or 2 times a year! ).

(And of course Q was the magazine which gave Human Touch a 5-star review! Must be about the only review of HT-LT at the time which rated Human Touch higher than Lucky Town!).

Edit: by coïncidence I said something similar about Rolling Stone only a few days ago: RS became less and less interesting for non-USA readers over the years. For both very true, sadly.

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The way of the world now, sadly.


Printed periodicals will soon be a thing of the past.


Word (or The Word) was my last subscription, since it folded I don't think I've bought a magazine regularly.

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I subscribed to Q for many years, but they moved with the musical times and I didn't!

I still get Mojo, even though I just skim through it. They're still stuck a bit in the past, along with me.

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At one stage I used to buy Q, Mojo and Uncut religiously every month. Now, with the import costs, they are about 200 bucks each. I buy an Uncut one a year or so, but haven't bought a Q or Mojo in years. Still very sad to see it go though.

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