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Bruce-related dreams (or nightmares)

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I know, there are not many things as boring as listening to other people talk about their dreams, but I have to share one here... :P

In the past I've had a few dreams about attending or trying to attend a Springsteen concert. Last night, however, I dreamed I was Bruce. :lol: In the dream I was about to go onstage (looking like I do in real life) and I was thinking about the setlist. The first song I was planning to do was "Darkness on the edge of town" because I thought it was my greatest song. I was also planning to play "Wild Billy's Circus Story" and debut "Unsatisfied heart" (the song I actually would most love for Bruce to release if he ever releases a follow-up to Tracks). Things got weird(er) when I went to queue to the women's toilet (I'm really a woman so I guess it makes senseĀ :D) where I ran into a person I knew back in high school (haven't seen this person for about 28 years - we weren't friends or "enemies") and this person was very upset because I wasn't letting her sing on "Darkness..." At this point I woke up.

I guess I don't have a Napoleon complex or a Messiah complex, but I might a Bruce-complex. :lol: Sorry about wasting your time on this. ;)

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