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Is Taylor Swift the new Springsteen

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whose Taylor Swift?

Might be an unpopular opinion on a rock and roll forum but I love Taylor Swift. Had tickets to see her live this summer I kid you not. 1989 is a fantastic album for example. Ryan Adams thought so too

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Incidentally, for anyone who gives the slightest hoot and hasn't yet heard it, the new Taylor Swift album is pretty damn fantastic. And I have very mixed feelings about her work, in general. This one still has some of the same lyrical issues, in my opinion, but musically, it's absolutely fabulous. 

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I'd like to listen to that new Taylor Swift album. The reviews look fantastic! But to call her the new Springsteen? I can't comment with authority as I don't know much of her back catalogue but there is just too much uniqueness and individuality about Springsteen to be compared to anyone. That is the essence of all great success like him. I mean... he writes all his songs by himself! And he goes to places, really dark places, that I'm not sure any modern mainstream pop artist is brave enough to go today.  

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