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UFO bassist died yesterday, three band members gone in just over a year.


Seems he was seriously injured in an accident recently and never recovered.


My youth just keeps on disappearing.


RIP fella

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10 minutes ago, Ninethumbs said:

Jeez. He lived a hard life of his own making but I'm still shocked.

RIP Pete.

I'd heard a number of years ago he was on borrowed time (fucked up liver mebbe?) but the seemed to come through that only to be seen off by a car crash.

That was a band that seemed to live life pretty large.

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2 hours ago, Ninethumbs said:

His autobiography is a good read especially for a fan of UFO.  It's a familiar tale of boy forms band, works hard  finds success, leads to excess but with the "volume turned up to eleven".

I think that's how I'd have done it were I blessed of a modicum of musical talent.

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Sad to hear today of the death aged 69 of another one of my rock heroes Pete Way, founder member and bassist of UFO. The first band I ever went to see in concert in 1980 when I was 15. Saw them a few times after that as well. Way is the third member of the classic UFO line-up to die in the space of a year.

He was some guy. Hugely charismatic on stage, always had his bass guitar slung down almost to his knees, and a great bass player as well. They were one of the best rock bands I ever seen live, and recorded my favourite ever rock live album Strangers in the Night in 1979.

RIP Pete and thanks for the memories.

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