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who would you like to see up on stage with Bruce

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i love how these big stars don't care about genre nearly as much as some of us do 

for me im thinking about the elder statemen and woman 

i feel time is running out

so many great stars have departed

id love to see Bruce and Willy Nelson play together 

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I'm so desperate... I miss live music, the clubs, the crowd...

I don't care who's on stage, I don't care if it's Bruce, or the local firemen's orchestra. 

I want to go to the bathroom, and feel the bass beat make the toilet walls tremble...


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48 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

Haven't you already done this? I've seen pictures, kind of like Ann's avatar.

I've officially never been on stage with The Boss.

 He did shake my hand once, but I was on a carpet not a stage...and i was most definitely not singing :lol:

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1 hour ago, Ibbhomero said:

This is random, but Green Day. I would love to see him with Mark Knopfler too, it's so weird that they never met in the stage. 

I think Mark has said in an interview that he dislikes 'the act' Bruce.  

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