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Bruce features in documentary "Once Were Brothers" on The Band

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So I just found out that the movie Once Were Brothers, which is a documentary on The Band, is released today in my country. 

I never heard of it so I checked the trailer, and it features Bruce Springsteen!! 




This made me wonder if anyone has seen the movie, and if it is worthwhile to watch it on the big screen. 



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It is, or was, On Demand. It is, as could be expected, gripping and revealing and sublime and infuriating. Great footage, some great stories, and Robbie Robertson, in a film entitled Once We Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band, making sure everyone knows that the really salient part of that title was the name Robbie Robertson

I have no doubt working with those guys was hella difficult, especially once the drugs and drink really started to take hold. But come on, man. Enough with the narcissistic revisionism. You won, okay? You're got all the money, you got (almost) all the interviews, and you're the last man standing. Jesus, when is enough enough? 

Anyway. Yeah. Well worth watching overall. But as with pretty much everything Band-related past the first two (or maybe three) albums, it could have been so much better. 

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On 8/20/2020 at 8:23 AM, whispered secret said:

Not sure how we can watch it. Is it on a streaming service?

I would take issue with calling Big Pink an ugly house, I thought it was pretty wonderful!! 

in yankeeland it is on one of the 9 seperate streaming services we have - in this case Hulu not sure what that translated to in blighty

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