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I think he's right. It has just become a ritual that has lost its impact and will make no difference to the amount of racial abuse players receive when crowds return. I don't know what the soluti

Crowds will be allowed back in to all UK grounds from 17th may with a 10K maximum.  

It is almost like Christmas...   Starting tomorrow (friday) there is TGLITW football EVERY day for the next ELEVEN days   This time last year we had no footie at all 

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8 minutes ago, Ian Price said:

If you're going to attempt to take a penalty like that in such circumstances, and you fail in such a manner, you deserve no sympathy from your manager or team mates.

In the apparent words of Gareth Southgate's mum; "Why didn't you just whack it?"

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Tiers announced 10 clubs in tier 3 10 Clubs in tier 2, none in tier 1


In the Premier League no fans will be allowed at Aston Villa, Burnley, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle, Sheffield United, West Brom or Wolves.

The other 10 clubs in the top division can allow up to 2,000 supporters into stadiums because they fall into tier 2 restrictions: Arsenal, Brighton, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Southampton, Tottenham and West Ham.

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Random thoughts after today’s games.

- Klopp needs to stop moaning now

- He also needs to seriously look at his own medical team and training regime and not the fixture list

- The fact Liverpool are anywhere near top given injury list and who they’ve played/where they’ve played them must be worrying the shit out of the ABL brigade 

- City remain a very good side with a very good manager

- Leeds play incredible football 

- Phillips is a player 

- James Rodriguez is a luxury player

- Pickford has the brain of a slipper but is a great shot stopper 

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14 hours ago, doesthisbusstop said:

The fascinating thing is the record number of away wins so far. As you would expect with home fans advantage out of the equation. Fast forwards will continue to get the better of centre backs as the season progresses as they attack the goal in front of empty stands. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the numbers crunched regarding fouls given.

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1 hour ago, AMIW said:

Top 5 teams in the league looking awfully familiar

It’s been a poor quality league and has been for a long time. This is how the premier league table looks over 24 matches since the last January transfer window. And united have been ridiculously inconsistent. 


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37 minutes ago, AMIW said:

Jamie vardy destroys corner flag after scoring goal... ref books him

shoukdnt VAR have reviewed it as a possible violent conduct sending off offense? :D

That corner flag is built like a brick shit house!

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