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Born to run 45th Anniversary

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8 hours ago, Wout said:

For the people living in the USA there is also a competition organized to win the vinyl record, photo album, and noise-cancelling headset: 

If you listen to “Western Stars” on a noise-cancelling headset, is it just an hour of silence? :P

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Amazing to think it was derided and laughed at on release particularly in sections of the UK press who saw Springsteeen as a phoney, overhyped record company creation. A desperate attempt at a 'new Dylan'. This  view was partly confirmed by that none too special, nervous first Hammersmith gig - it sounds great but it's hardly a classic performance (Springsteen himself said so) . I was going to a lot of gigs at the time and to be honest on film at least it looked about on par with a Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel gig . 

I still don't like She's the One. 



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Easily the greatest rock album of the 70s and one of the top 5 albums of all time. I feel like it should be longer than 38 minutes though...That seems short for an album of its stature, but everything else about is perfect.

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