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Your top 3 of each album?

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7 hours ago, Daisey Jeep said:

im impressed you guys were able to narrow choices down to 3 for each record

Most were very easy. Just do not think too long and don't be afraid to 'throw some of your favourite songs before the bus.

Unlike one might matbe expect, the Reunion Era albums were more difficult for me than the 20th Century albums.

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ok im ganna try real hard to stick to the rules of 3 only 

i followed @Lampi 's advice other wise all of magic and WOAD would be here :lol:

the rising = into the fire, empty sky, your missing

D&D =  Matamoros banks, long time comin', all the way home

Magic = Devil's arcade, Girls, long walk home

WOAD = kingdom of days, life itself, WOAD

WB = Jack, Rocky ground, WTCOOO

HH= the wall, down in the hall, Hunter 

WS = sleepy Joe, MM, Nashville

Seager sessions bonus edition, Bring 'em home, American land, how can a poor man 


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Greetings - Growin' Up, Blinded by the Light, For You

WIESS - NYCS, Sandy, Rosalita

BTR - Thunder Road, BTR, Jungleland (the most difficult!)

Darkness - Racing, Factory, Darkness

The River - Point Blank, DAN, The River

Nebraska - Atlantic City, Mansion on the Hill, Highway Patrolman

BITUSA - Glory Days, No Surrender, My Hometown 

TOL - Tougher Than Age Rest, Brilliant Disguise, One Step Up

Human Tough - Human Touch

Lucky Town - Better Days, Living Proof, If I Should Fall Behind

GOTJ - GOTJ, Across the Border, Youngstown

The Rising - The Rising, My City Of Ruins, Countin' on a Miracle

D & D - Matamoros Banks, D & D, Long Time Comin'

Magic - Girls in their Summer Clothes, Long Walk Home, Magic

WOAD - Kingdom Of Days, WOAD, The Last Carnival

Wrecking Ball - Land Of Hope & Dreams, Jack Of all Trades, Death to my Hometown

High Hopes - GOTJ, American Skin, The Wall

WS - Western Stars, Moonlight Motel, Stones (very difficult too) 

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12 hours ago, Accountant Pete said:

But what wonderful stories  they all are. I think Bruce would make a top notch short story writer. One could have a whole book of of adventures for The New Timer alone.

Mr J has often commented that many of his songs could be made into short films - in black & white, obviously! 

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10 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

Wow, I would have never had guessed that! Now what about Harry's Place! 

I absolutely love that version, especially Tommy's guitar... I prefer the live version from Cape Town, but I will settle for the album track. 

Harry's Place is ok.

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Greetings: Lost in the flood, Spirit in the Night, Does this bus

WIESS: Kitty's back, Incident, Rosalita


BTR: Thunder Road, Bornto Run, Backstreets 

Darkness: Promised Land, Badlands, Darkness 

River: The Ties that bind, Jackson Cage, Out in the Street

Nebraska: Reason to believe, Atlantic City, Johnny 99

Born in the USA: Downbound Train, No Surrender, Dancing in the dark 

Tunnel of Love: Brilliant Disguise, One step  up, Spare Parts

Human Touch: Human Touch, I Wish I Were Blind, Roll of the dice

Lucky Town: Lucky Town, Better Days, Souls of the departed 

GOTJ: Youngstown, Ghost of Tom Joad, Straight Time

Rising: Rising, City of ruins, Futher Up the Road

D&D: Long time coming, All the way home, Devils and Dust

Magic: Radio Nowhere, Gypsy Biker, Last to Die

Working on a Dream: What Love Can Do, Working in a Dream, Last Carnival

Wrecking Ball: Death to My Hometown, Land of H&D, We Take Care of Our Own

High Hopes: Frankie fell in Love, Just like fire would, American Skin

Western Stars: Tucson Train, Western stars, There goes my miracle 

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I love lists.


Greetings;  For You, Blinded, Does this bus stop at 82nd street

WIESS;  Rosalita, Kitty’s Back, New York City Serenade

Born to Run; Thunder Road, Born to Run, Jungleland

Darkness; Darkness, Candy’s Room, Adam Raised a Cain

The River; The River, The Price you pay, Sherry Darlin’

Nebraska; Atlantic City, Nebraska, State Trooper

Born in the USA; Downbound Train, I’m Goin’ Down, Dancing in the dark

Tunnel of Love; Brilliant Disguise, Cautious man, Spare Parts

Human Touch; Human Touch, Cross my Heart, I wish I were blind

Lucky Town; Better Days, Living Proof, If I should fall behind

Ghost of Tom Joad; The Ghost of Tom Joad, Youngstown, Straight Time

The Rising; The Rising, Lonesome day, Nothing Man

Devils and Dust; Long Time Comin’, Devils and Dust, Matamoros Banks

Magic; Long walk Home, Last to Die, Radio Nowhere

Working on a Dream; Kingdom of Days, The Wrestler, The last carnival

Wrecking Ball; Wrecking Ball, Land of hope and dreams, Swallowed up.

Western Stars; Somewhere North of Nashville, Western Stars, The Stuntman

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Ask me tomorrow and my answers may be different...So many great songs on most albums...

For you, Blinded by the light, Growin' up

The wild, the innocent...:
Incident on 57th street, Sandy, Rosalita

Born to run:
Thunder road, Backstreets, Born to run

Darkness on the edge of town:
Racing in the street, Darkness..., Candy's room

The River:
Cadillac Ranch, Point blank, The River

Highway patrolman, Atlantic city, My father's house

Born in The U.S.A.:
Dancing in the dark, Glory days, Working on the highway

Tunnel of love:
One step up, Tunnel of Love, Brilliant disguise

Human touch:
Human touch, With every wish, I wish I were blind

Lucky town:
Leap of faith, If I should fall behind, Local hero

The Ghost of Tom Joad:
The Ghost of Tom Joad, Straight time, Youngstown

The Rising:
The Fuse, Empty sky, My city of ruins

Devils & dust:
Long time comin', Leah, Reno

Long walk home, Devil's arcade, Radio nowhere

Working on a dream:
What love can do, Kingdom of days, Life itself

Wrecking ball:
You've got it, Shackled and drawn, We take care of our own

High hopes:
Harry's Place, Hunter of invisible game, The Wall

Western Stars:
Western stars, Tucson train, Moonlight Motel

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Some albums were easier to pick favorites from than others. I also chose to include The Seeger Sessions (even it's my least favourite Bruce album), since two of my three favourites from High Hopes are covers. 

Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.
Growin' Up, Lost in the Flood, It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City

The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle
4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy), Incident on 57th Street, Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

Born to Run
Thunder Road, Backstreets, Born to Run

Darkness on the Edge of Town
Badlands, Racing in the Street, The Promised Land

The River
Hungry Heart, The River, Stolen Car

Atlantic City, State Trooper, My Father's House

Born in the U.S.A.
I'm on Fire, No Surrender, I'm Goin' Down

Tunnel of Love
Tougher Than the Rest, Tunnel of Love, Brilliant Disguise

Human Touch
Human Touch, Roll of the Dice, Man's Job

Lucky Town
Better Days, Lucky Town, If I Should Fall Behind

The Ghost of Tom Joad
The Ghost of Tom Joad, Highway 29, My Best Was Never Good Enough

The Rising
Lonesome Day, The Rising, My City of Ruins

Devils & Dust
Devils & Dust, All the Way Home, Long Time Comin'

We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions
Erie Canal, My Oklahoma Home, Pay Me My Money Down

Radio Nowhere, Your Own Worst Enemy, Girls in Their Summer Clothes

Working on a Dream
Working on a Dream, Tomorrow Never Knows, The Wrestler

Wrecking Ball
Jack of All Trades, Death to My Hometown, Wrecking Ball

High Hopes
Just Like Fire Would, Frankie Fell in Love, Dream Baby Dream

Western Stars
Hitch Hikin', Western Stars, Hello Sunshine

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