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Putt Mossman – Motorcycle Stuntman and Horseshoe Throwing world champion

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I am starting this thread for anyone who is a fan of Western Stars and/or motorbikes. 

These are the first 2 paragraphs from Putt Mossman’s entry in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame:

“Orren "Putt" Mossman was the most famous stunt motorcyclist of the first half of the 20th century. Mossman and his troupe traveled America and the world putting on spectacular extravaganzas in front of crowds numbering from the hundreds to tens of thousands. During his 40-year career, Mossman performed in 45 countries on six continents. His innovative act was unequaled in his day and many of his stunts may never be duplicated.

Mossman was born on July 8, 1906 in the small farming community of Eldora, Iowa. At a young age, Mossman became popular for his horseshoe throwing skills (something taken very seriously in that part of Iowa during that era). Mossman quickly climbed the ranks of horseshoe throwing and became national and world champion. (In 1967 he became a charter member of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association Hall of Fame) “

If you do an internet search there are lots of interesting articles about him, there is even an entertaining edition of the  Johnny Carson show from 28/3/1973 on youtube which features him as well as the Bee Gees and New Jersey actor Robert Blake.    

My guess is that as Bruce is a big motorcycle fan he will be aware of him and may see similarities in their careers.

When Western Stars was released there was a thread on here about the symbols between the tracks on the back cover of the album.   The symbol between The Stuntman and Chasin Wild Horses is a horseshoe.  At the time it was thought that it related to Chasin Wild Horses but I think it may actually relate to the Stuntman.

This may all be rubbish but I hope it might brighten up what has been a miserable day here in the UK.  

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32 minutes ago, crustyoldman said:

He's been busy Daisey :)

I must admit I've never heard of this man...he sounds like some rubbish superhero with a name like Mossman

Good to see you Mr Crusty

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