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The thought of an album of new songs from Bruce Springsteen & The E street band is a great feeling. An anticipation which doesn’t come along too often but always special when it does. Bring it on!

Slagging off an album before it's been officially announced. Is this a new record for the earliest ever?   

Letter To You is Bruce Springsteen’s new studio album with the E Street Band, and is a rock album fueled by the band's heart-stopping, house-rocking signature sound. Recorded at his home studio in New

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2 minutes ago, Perisic said:

The cover screams solo album, no? Just a first impression. We'll find out soon enough. Very excited!

No more so than The River, or Darkness, or The Rising, or Magic ........

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44 minutes ago, BrilliantDisguise said:


What are the rickshaw looking things - ive never been to NYC :(

And i hope Bruce had his thermals on that day - it looks cold

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