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New Album Rumor Thread?

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15 minutes ago, gaityr said:

I love this shot and wish they hadn't cropped the album cover so close to his face! Should have kept more of the background in.

The cover should have been the picture as is with "letter to you" over Bruce's left shoulder. (His left, our right)

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6 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

House of a Thousand Guitars, seems to be a song I'll enjoy.

I can already see Bruce, Steve and Nils on the edge of the stage trading leads.

Pretty sure I will like it with 1 caveat, that being that Patti isn't playing one of the guitars.

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5 hours ago, VABOSSFAN said:

Love Nils answer here.....


So, apparently Nils is pissed off because he wasn't asked to add backing vocals to the 'Return to Sender' cover track. ;)

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29 minutes ago, janeymarywendy said:

My first time hearing that version - I really like it. I'm not even sure if I've ever heard the original version.

Here's the original version.

I always liked it - but it belongs on Tracks 2, not on a new studio album!


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4 hours ago, CrushOnOutlawPete said:

Well I'll be damned. I only just heard about any of this. Howdy gang. Howdy @Daisey Jeep. Good to show up here again.


Time to kill you all with my relentless optimism. Sorry.


High Hopes is an excellent album. .


I stopped reading at this point. 

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5 minutes ago, Daisey Jeep said:

Just surmizing like everyone else

But maybe as he was working on tracks 2 he came across these old songs and thought they fit the theme of the new album 

The suggestions I'd heard about Tracks 2 was that it was probably post-1987 material (and probably complete unreleased albums) so these songs in their original form wouldn't have made the cut as they predated that era.

Song for Orphans with Roy on piano? Fine by me.

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