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NEW SINGLE: Letter To You

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There’s nothing quite like hearing new Bruce for the first time. No other artist will ever make me feel this way. Don’t ever stop Bruce. Music needs you. 

Bruce's recording and songwriting career has basically been his own life story. His songs and albums through the years have reflected the part of his life he was in both at that time and occasionally

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Just now, Growin' Up said:

Hybrid of a Lucky Town type song and a Western Stars track

Yes, that was also my impression in terms of sound. As for the kind of songs, it reminds me of something Bruce could have written in the mid-nineties, something along 'Waitin' on the end of the world'. 

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1 minute ago, Captain Chaos said:

It sounds very much like them. Not heard anything quite so "E Street" in a long, long time.

I would be very surprised if it weren't the E Street band playing (the core of them, at least).

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After a couple of listenings:

Plus : the sound of the band & Bruce's singing.

Minus: the lyrics that sometimes seem to be written for a different, slower, tune. 

An nice song all in all, probably a little weak when compared to other title-tracks.


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Opening thoughts.

Overall I really like it. Puts a smile on my face and raises the hairs on my arms a bit when it kicks in.

The sound and production is brilliant. 

His voice is clear and way up in the mix. Classic little guitar solo and the organ kicks arse. Big drums. 

I’ve long since thought that when he writes for the Band any lyrical nuance goes out the window in favour of pretty generic, rhyming couplets. This doesn’t really convince me otherwise. I’d love to get something more interesting lyrically deeper into the album. 


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