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Had  no clue when i went to bed last night that a new Bruce album is out shortly and a video would be premiered today. Something good finally on 2020.

Also, i think Bruce's vocals are getting better with age. Some of his best vocals for me on this track and Western Stars

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38 minutes ago, MacBruce said:

Great song and video...a bit disappointed there was no sax in the song.

Also a bit concerning that Jake was nowhere to be seen in the video.

he is in the background towards the end but not playing on this particularly song

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44 minutes ago, Eileen said:

That ^ was for you, @Promise61 but there are so many threads, it's probably already on one of them. Can't be doing with another short outro like Save My Love.

Tnx E. I do remember us having the same conversation about SML.

Thankfully, Bruce extended the outro in concert.

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