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All right, we're all set in regard to the new version of the community software. There are a few kinks to work out, but I hope to get those done over the weekend. In general, everything seems to be wo

Some of the almost invisible text labels have now been fixed, including the top bar with notifications, but you may not see it right away depending on what browser and gadget you are using. I sho

Yes, I noticed that, too. I'll fix that soon and make sure Mikey and the Judge don't get near it.

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3 hours ago, JudgeBrown said:

I've got this.  Everyone wait and watch while the magic happens.

A couple of questions about the update Judge...

1, Can we make it longer before it's possible to edit a post, this would be a great help to those on here who post crap when drunk:rolleyes:

2, Can we have a smiley that says.."sorry for posting crap I was drunk"  as this one... :rolleyes: is often not good enough


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  • CosmicKid changed the title to Update done
14 minutes ago, Eileen said:

Yes, a few extra lines and boxes separating posts but looking good!


I've liked this, not because I actually like it, but just so you can check the likes are working :P

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