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Happy Birthday, darlin'!


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Happy Birthday Bruce

So pleased that in this crappiest of years, we’ve got something to look forward to and be excited about with the new album on its way. It’s great that you’ve again got your timing spot on. I / we all need this album to brighten life up a bit.

Who knows if we’ll ever see live shows again, but If not, so be it, it seems we’ve got lots to look forward to on E-Street.

Have a great Birthday Boss, and keep rockin’.

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Bruce :o i don't  beleave i missed your birthday :o (i was sick  honest otherwise id be raising a glass to you )

But its 2020 so who's  counting

Still Its like missing Christmas  :(

I wish you always good health and happiness 

No pressure but my own personal well being is in some fashion tied to you  ;) so you know you gotta live till 100

The new record is ganna be great

The bright light in a shit year for everyone

You have always given  us so much, i wish we could give some back to you but just like with even our closest friends and family covid 19 separates us all right now but God willing we're  all be here waiting for live heart stopping, pants dropping earthquaking live rock and roll to come back when you get back out on the road

Your the best Bruce 

You'll  never fall off my pedestal bevause ive super glued you up there

Happy birthday 

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