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15 hours ago, Perisic said:

You know what, I was thinking the same earlier today. Buy the cd in the local record store and drive around while listening for the first time. Like the good old days. Might be the last time we're able to do that with an E Street album.

Scratch that - gimme gimme gimme! :ph34r:

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1 minute ago, burgessliam22 said:

Sucks having to wait for the full release, don't have apple music or that. I listened to the preview and have to wait other 40 minutes! 

37 minutes now!


The 90 second preview on iTunes sounds pretty good.

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on iTunes now

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band!

Instant classic.

Next E Street tour, Ghosts will fill the slot before Badlands (you read it here first). ;)

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14 minutes ago, MacBruce said:

Any sax in this one ?

Sax seems to come in right about the 4:50 mark and kind of continues throughout.  It starts shorty after the band count-in.  Definitely not overdone though, but it’s there.  

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