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The First Song Back

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I was hoping you folks could get in on a conversation I was having with someone recently.

Imagine an optimistic scenario where COVID is declared over sometime in the next year or so, and we can go to concerts again. You've got your ticket to see Bruce. What song do you think would be the ideal opener for the first show back? How do you picture it? What best suits a moment like that?

Sorry if this has been discussed at some point, but I couldn't find it, and I'm curious what people think.

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We  (shall) overcame 

And We are alive now

But we are playing roulette

And we are follow(ing) the dream from the 2021 your we hoped for

Out in the street

But we (I) fought the law (in some of the US States to the South....) and now we're playing roulette again.

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Very interesting question. I guess if it was a regular opener to a regular tour then Ghosts (I do think it will be the standard concert opener of any new tour) but for the firsttour in 5 or 6 years and first post Covid show.......Badlands, The Promised Land, even Born To Run? 

Good question.....

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