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Is this pic really from 1999?

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He had that beard early into the Reunion Tour and the descripton of the pic says 1999 (supposedly Copenhagen), but this looks a little like 1993 to me. What do you think? I also couldn't find any other pics of that tour with him wearing a sleeveless vest. And a review of the Copenhagen 1999 open air show says that it was cold and rainy.


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Those pictures are on the photographer's own website labelled as 1999, which you would have hoped would be accurate.



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1 hour ago, Growin' Up said:

Bruce modelled his look on a slightly overweight deputy head-teacher during the Reunion tour. 

I was going to say he was a little fuller in the face durring the reunion tour from  what ive seen

But then i wasn't there 

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In my opinion 92/93

It is not only the look but he had a kind of pose during that tour that i have only seen at that time, kind of like standing on one leg for a while holding  up the guitar.

Not sure how to  describe it but i always thought it strange that that pose was only during the 92/93 tour maybe because he had  Shane Fontayne, next to him doing  also some strange moves:)

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