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Unfortunately I've been self isolating with the dreaded virus, but this has given me time to listen to one of favourite albums of all time, which captures the feeling of isolation like no other.  

It got me thinking about The Indian Runner, the film based on Highway Patrolman, and how Bruce's storytelling and character development on the album are so nuanced that several of the other songs could equally be made into films. 

I feel like it would be a great idea for a TV series to have each episode based on each song from the album. A few songs would need a little embellishment to develop into a proper plot but most of of them would write themselves. I would throw in Losin' kind and Child Bride outtakes to make it 12 episodes. It could be in the style of Black Mirror with different characters for each episode, but with a few subtle continuity threads running through the series.

Anyway, this is what happens to my brain when I'm ill, grumpy and have too much time on my hands... 

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Was listening to Nebraska this AM.  Love it. 

So very sorry to hear you are sick with the virus.  Best of luck with whatever treatments you’ve been given.  

Sending best wishes for a COMPLETE recovery.  

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@timeisillusion i hope your on the mend and feeling better soon

I love Nebraska at 2am but i could definatly see how it would work in your present situation 

A great idea for a series 

I wonder what Bruce things of Dolly's heartstrings (i think that's what its called) 

Dolly acts in them but Bruce could just have walk on parts like Steven King or Stephnie Myers in twlight

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