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2 hours ago, Growin' Up said:

The Guardian's review is out:  "a scaling down of ambition"



Nice accurate review, except for the fact that Wrecking Ball is NOT an E St Band album. The band are barely on it.

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It is Springsteen’s 20th studio album in an almost 50 year career. Where it stands in the pantheon, history will judge, what I’ll say for certain though, is that it is incredible how fresh it all sounds, Maybe the ghosts of rock n roll are the elixir for eternal youth



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On 10/15/2020 at 8:35 PM, Paolo's Circus Story said:

I guess I'll just post this in here rather than start another thread!


Am I sound to post my film review in this thread as well?


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On 10/22/2020 at 5:40 AM, Promise61 said:

Today's Metro. Three stars, two Bruces.


Who ever wrote that just landed in my bit of a wanker category 

Right now in these cliched challanging uncertain times id say we all need a bit of Bruuuuuuce 

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LP gets a very positive review in the Morning Star herein the UK on Saturday.Reviwer liked the three old songs best.

I'm afraid I can't post a link or anything.

If any serious collectors wants the review I'm happy to post it to you( first come obviously)

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2 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

Hopefully that helped out! 

Well .... a "hard-on" (giant or otherwise) means something entirely different this side of the pond ..... :P

Oh - might not be advisable to Google it :o

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7 hours ago, Lampi said:

@Marnix 7 page cover story in OOR by diehard Bruce Springsteen fan Tom Engelshoven.

Just one quote: 'I got my Bruce back!'. (It seems Tom is not a Western Stars fan then:D)

Thnx for the reminder that I have to buy the new OOR for this article 

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