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Favourite Letter To You song?

Favourite Letter To You song?  

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  1. 1. It's been at least a week now for these songs to marinate in our minds.What's your favourite?

    • One Minute You're Here
    • Letter To You
    • Burnin' Train
    • Janey Needs a Shooter
    • Last Man Standing
    • The Power of Prayer
    • House of a Thousand Guitars
    • Rainmaker
    • If I Was the Priest
    • Ghosts
    • Song for Orphans
    • I'll See You in My Dreams

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@ProveItAllNight747, this won't help your poll one bit, sorry :lol:.  I can only say what my least favourite song is, and that's House OATG.  Closely followed by The Power OP. I've played the album enough times now to know I wouldn't miss them, even though I DO like them well enough. On the other hand, I could never, ever decide on my favourite song, but that goes for all the other albums too!

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16 hours ago, Judgeb said:

My favorite!!!!!! I can’t get it out of my head! 

His delivery of it is SO good! I went back to the you tube of the piano version and whilst I understand the comments saying that is the ultimate version, I can’t believe how good this one sounds too and I think I prefer the new one overall. Would love to hear a cleaned up version of the original too in Tracks 2 too sometime...


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5 hours ago, NorthSideJimmy said:

I don't get the love for If I was the Priest. It's almost pastiche Bruce.

How's that Jimmy? He wrote this wonderful song in the 70's and recorded it almost 50 years later. What's almost pastiche about that? Just interested in your thoughts.

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I think I might be able to rank these tunes now. After about 12 listens now. Please keep in mind even the bottom songs I love. And never skip a tune while the album is playing. 

1. If I was the Priest

2. Burnin Train

3. Ghost

4. Letter to You

5. Last Man Standing

6. Janey Needs a Shooter

7. I'll See you in My Dreams 

8. House of a Thousand Guitars

9. Power of Prayer

10. Songs for Orphans 

11. One Minute You're There

12. Rainmaker


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My top 12...and just to say I think every song on the album is tremendous. It's just like every album, some songs do more for me than others.

1/ House of a thousand guitars

2/ The Power of Prayer

3/ Last Man standing

4/ If I was the Priest

5/ Ghosts

6/ I'll see you in my dreams

7/ Song for Orphans

8/ One minute your here

9/ Burnin' Train

10/ Rainmaker

11/ Janey needs a shooter

12/ Letter to you

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51 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

 At the moment ...

1.  House Of A Thousand Guitars

 2. I'll See You In My Dreams

 3. Power Of Prayer

 4. Letter to You

 5. Ghosts

 6. If I Was The Priest

 7. Song For Orphans

 8. Burnin' Train

 9. One Minute You're Here

10. Last Man Standing

11. Janey Needs A Shooter

12. Rainmaker


Oops. Was using your list set-up, Jimmy ... sorry about the quote box.

Hey, it's late.

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I love how strong this album as a whole is - not a dud track as far as I’m concerned. Literally impossible for me to pick a favourite, it’s just such an E Street record!!

I think I especially love some of the classic sounds we have on the instrumental outros where out of nowehere Max thumps his drums and kicks in the band

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In my opinion, the three old songs are still far ahead in terms of quality and repeatability. They just sound so fresh and unpredictable. You uncover something new on each listen. The others are good I think but fairly standard post-reunion Bruce tunes and not too different from recent albums. I love the piano and Bruce's voice on Power of Prayer. One of his best sung songs in the last two decades. Reminds me of Kingdom of Days or Queen of the Supermarket from WOAD.

I find both singles (Ghosts and Letter to You) to be quite weak lyrically and awkwardly structured so hardly go back to them now. Overall, a solid and enjoyable album though.

1) Janey Needs a Shooter

2) Songs for Orphans

3) If I Was the Priest

4) Burnin' Train

5) Power of Prayer

6) One Minute You're Here

7) I'll See You In My Dreams

8) House of a Thousand Guitars

9) Last Man Standing

10) Letter To You

11) Ghosts

12) Rainmaker

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On 11/3/2020 at 12:40 PM, CM said:

Last man standing

I voted for another song, but 'Last Man Standing', the song that virtually "started" the album, is probably the best crafted song (among the newest). Here we really see WS's worked out/worn out characters and writing style meeting Bruce's bio and the E Street Band. Of course, one thinks 'One minute you're here' when it comes to WS connections, but I think LMS's stylistic connection might be even stronger.

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It’s Janey for me.  Just ahead of Orphans.  Burnin’ Train best of the newly written tunes.  And agree with the general consensus that Priest is awesome too. 

A fabulous album though with not a bad song on it.  Rainmaker was the last song to grow on me, but I even really like that now.  Just wish the Mellencamp-esque keyboards were mixed a little lower on the chorus.

But whilst I wish they had left the guitar solo in (though you can hear some licks mixed below the harp solo), Janey still lived up to every one of my ridiculously high expectations as the one outtake I wanted more than any other to get an official release.  Just astonishingly good.

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