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I doubt anyone sounds or will ever sound as the 1975-85. The live material on the boxset was heavily remastered to make it sound as a ‘single’ homogeneous show. It sounds perfect to me, but it’s not what the original shows sounded like. The archive releases are much more faithful, but less majestic or polished in sound.

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Thanx for sharing, Atlanta78 sounded really great, the 81-stuff I must listen to moore. I stubled across a single on Spotify, include a live version of leap of faith, wow, great sound here, then I scrolled the downloads from that period and the nice big soundpicture was gone, I was ready to give that tour a shot for a few minutes. 

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On 11/9/2020 at 12:48 PM, Lazy Cat said:

 I was ready to give that tour a shot for a few minutes. 

Ever heard the radio broadcast show from Los Angeles, 5 June 1992? Rehearsal show before the actual tour.

Ideal starting point for 1992-1993 newbies, because of combination of a shorter show (broadcasted part is about 90 minutes) and good sound quality (as it was a radio show). Includes an unique acoustic version of Hungry Heart (with the backing vocalists used like they were not used enough that tour).

If you (or anyone) don't like this show, you probably also will not like other 1992-1993 shows.

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