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Holly Cara Price has passed.

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Holly's good friend Dan French has sadly reported that she passed peacefully in her sleep today. Holly fought cancer for many years with typical humour and strength.

Holly was a journalist for the Aquarian for a long time and was a RABID Bruce fan. She was one of the major contributour to the fanzine world, pre internet.  The circle was complete years later when she worked for both Steven and Patti. Bruce points her out, front row, on the LINYC video.

Personally, I never met Holly, but corresponded with her for a long time, like so many of us in the UK did back then. When my eldest was born she surprised me with a lovely act of kindness. I've never forgotten that.

Thanks for it all, Holl.



Paul x


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Sad to hear. Never heard from here although I am highly familiar with the pre-internet Springsteen period. Whatever, Springsteen writers are one of the great things in our little world since they have that special feeling to put into words what we all feel but rarely seems to able to express in full. Cannot help myself to put quotes and stories from those writers into my personal post here and there on this forum.

August 26, 1978: The Day Rock & Roll Delivered Me From Nowhere by Holly Cara Price https://medium.com/@hollycara/august-26-1978-the-day-rock-roll-delivered-me-from-nowhere-843b47cf3406


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Holly had contacted me a few times about different topics, and I found her to be a charming and interesting person, but never got to meet her in person.  Her brave battle with cancer and her fortitude after setbacks was always inspirational.  She knew this community well, and was a fan as well as a friend to Bruce and Patti, Steve and Maureen and Nils and Amy, among others.  She will be missed, I hope the many good memories she created will comfort those who miss her most.

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From Liz Clarke on FB   x

"For more than four years, my dear friend Holly Cara battled Stage 4 breast cancer, growing more determined and defiant as it spread.

But not long after the cancer spread to her brain, she transitioned to in-home hospice care this fall. Though weak, she remained engaged with the presidential race and news of her friends. She made sure to cast her vote.

And on Saturday, within hours of learning that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would be our next president and vice president, she drifted to sleep and passed away peacefully, as Bruce Springsteen’s “Letter to You” played in the background.  

The CD, which she listened to on her cell phone, had been the soundtrack of her days these last weeks and lulled her to sleep each night—one last gift from Bruce and the E Street band, who she loved so much.

While music brought us together 41 years ago, and it was music that bound so many among the wild circle of friends we shared, Holly’s interests and gifts were varied. She was an avid reader and accomplished writer, media critic and archival researcher. She was an intrepid, indefatigable problem-solver. Above all, she was true-blue--loyal to a fault and generous to her detriment.

What a joy it was to be her friend these last four decades.

Holly was incandescent.

I will miss her. And I know countless others feel the same."

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