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R.I.P. Maradona

Cozmic Kid

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2 minutes ago, janeymarywendy said:

I mean this in the nicest possible way but some people don't know that there are 'other' parts to the Lake :) Maybe they don't scroll down far enough.

It's on the other side of 88 i think  :) 

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3 hours ago, chevy396 said:

As for me personally I usually just hang out in the "Bootleg Collectors Corner" . Just slid out from underneath my cosy rock for a glimpse of the ugly world ... Won't happen again ;)

Dear Chevy

Im sorry to leaen of Diego's passing this morning

Down here bad shit happens when we sleep 

He is one of the only 2 soccer players i could name off hand so i know his fame was bigger than soccer


Please feel free to come join us in the other forums some time

We are (usually) freindly and would welcome you 

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Sad. Greatest of all Time.

The mark he left in 86 world cup was magical. Zico was my favorite based on the few matches we got to see of the 82 world cup. Mexico was the first world cup where we got to see all matches live. My brother would stay awake all night to watch all of Argentina's and Brazil's matches and then go to school the next day. It was not just the goals he score against Belgium and England but his presence in the entire tournament is something i have not witnessed since. 

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Absolutely gutted. I’ve never had a hero die on me. The greatest to lace up his boots, if anybody says any different, I disregard their opinion as ignorant and ill informed. Sad that kids in the future will wonder if he was really that good? He was. Been some great tributes, even in Blighty. 

RIP El Pibe De Oro. 
“Maradona es más grande que Pelé” 
“Olè olè olè olè DIEGO DIEGO”



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I'm 52, and Maradona did the most beautiful things I saw on a football pitch. I have no memories of Pele or Cruyff, and we also had Platini, Zidane, Messi, etc ... Lots of huge players. But with Maradona, I'm really talking about beauty and grace. It's like watching Federer play or Usain Bolt run : it's simply beautiful. (Ok I'm aware of the cheating part too, but stil ....)

Sad sad news, really.

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