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Saturday Night Live - 12 December

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9 hours ago, BadcatCupboards said:

Ghosts and Burnin' Train? A couple upbeat rockers that are different enough from each other to make both worthwhile? As has been suggested, Merry Christmas Baby over the goodbyes? I dearly love Letter to You, but it feels too long and too tailored lyrically to die-hard Bruce fans to work for SNL. I think they'll want to do their biggest, lets-pretend-we're-touring-the-album songs so they can have as much fun as possible.

Ghosts in that first slot is gonna blow the doors off. They're gonna play like they just got let out of a cage.

I am now way too excited for this, in case that's not obvious.

Would love to hear I'll See You In My Dreams .....But the two you mention would blow the roof off of whatever venue they are playing....Maybe we can have three. :)

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38 minutes ago, doesthisbusstop said:

Assume it’s only available in the US? Will rely on a YouTube capture to see Bruce’s performance. 

SNL always posts the sketches and musical performances officially on Youtube a few hours later! :)

I'm so excited, can't wait for a new E Street Band performance!!

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10 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

Can this really be consider a real ESB performance than? ;) 

Sure. I mean is it no longer the ESB minus Clarence or Danny? Or when Max (who wasn't an original member) had his son fill in? Those shows were odd without Max. Or when Steve, also not an original, wasn't there due to filming or when he quit? Gary is the last original member of the E Street Band (not counting Bruce) and sucks he wont be there. First show he has missed correct? I am sure everyone is so ready to get out there and play. 


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