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Western Stars or Letter To You?

Western Stars or Letter To You?  

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  1. 1. Which one do you prefer?

    • Western Stars
    • Letter To You
    • Can't decide

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Letter to You. Unless I’m having trouble sleeping, then it’s Western Stars.

I went for can’t decide because I love both albums equally, and they cannot be compared to eachother. 

*one-'orse race.

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Both very different. Both equally magnificent.

Can't fairly compare them as one is a solo record and the other a rock album with the ESB.

Two absolute gems released in consecutive years at the twilight of his career. Quite remarkable.

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I REALLY cannot decide.

I love the new sound and the sweep of Western Stars

I love the old sound and immediacy of Letter to You.

Right now I play LTY far more, daily, apart from Power of Prayer which I've grown to HATE. I play Western Stars more than a few times a week still, apart from Smoky Joes Cafe which has always stuck out like a sore thumb to me...

...ask me in 6 months though.



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Easily Letter to you!! Every time when I play Western Stars I fall a sleep I can’t listen to this album in his entirety only in parts or some songs 

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3 minutes ago, Johnstown Company said:

Letter to you. I like Western Stars but theres nothing on it as good as One Minute You're Here, Burnin Train or I'll See You In My Dreams imo.

Moonlight Motel.  Otherwise I agree with you.

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I think all know how I feel about WS. I really glad all who love it, love it! Just not for me. 

LTY, I can honestly say that there isn't a tune I pass over. I can't say that but for one other album, Darkness! 

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I went for Western Stars. There is not a bad tune on it to my ears, where as LTY is imo far more up and down. The highlights such as If I Was the Priest or i'll see you in my dreams, are better than anything on WS but there are too many middling songs for me and I am already skipping them.



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