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The server is hungry - donations needed (updated Dec. 6)

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I am pleased to tell you that we have now reached the goal and that the bill is paid for another year. Thank you so much to everyone who donated! It's very generous of you, especially during these unc

I just wanted to thank everyone who's  donated. I feel really dreadful but i just can't right now, i bearly have two pennies to rub together and some big bills that need juggling  but my dea

Phew! No need to get a life for at least another year 

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Donation made in honour of @BTR a.k.a. Born To Rock, a core, major, essential contributor to the bootleg collector's corner here on GL who is currently suffering through a bout of bad health right now. Best wishes to her for a full recovery and a speedy return to the GL community. Special thanks to @Twink for the the heads up re. BTR... Special thanks also to all community members, moderators and GL execs who keep this site great!

An ongoing monthly donation is also a great option via PayPal...


Be well & stay safe all !!!

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1 hour ago, ryancoke said:

Sent some $ in memory of and thanks for introducing me to Rich Nappi, Miami MArk, Jacey, PattiM,  Doc....

Wow, there are some names from the past.  Including yours. Nice to see your name pop up ryancoke. 

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