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Bleachers with Bruce - "chinatown" live rooftop performance

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How great is this video. I love 2:43 when lead singer appears to be starstruck for a brief moment . Wonderful . Bruce looks great . With LTY being ranked amongst the finest of 2020 and his appearances and radio show being lauded he appears to be fast becoming the coolest man on the planet ..... again ! 

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10 hours ago, Gretsch Country Gentleman said:

This is great.    I hope Bruce does more with this guy.

Agreed. How amazing would that be?  Jack seems to be something of a man with the Midas touch.

Full of ideas and invention. For all of LTY's greatness, it is a pretty generic album without any musical surprises. Jack could bring something new in the way Rick Rubin did with Johnny Cash.

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2 hours ago, doesthisbusstop said:

How did Bruce’s involvement come about? Love the fact that Bruce has given his global exposure to help another local band. This is what creating a legacy for the future is all about. 

Bruce's involvement about this band came through Jack Antonoff, who just like Ron Aniello are both part of the Patti Scialfa crowd. See also Springsteen’s ninth SiriusXM show is a birthday tribute to Patti Scialfa

Springsteen: “Lets go to ‘You’re a Big Girl Now.’ Talk a little bit about this before we hear it.”

Scialfa: “This is going to be on my new record. I always loved Irma Thomas. You know those backups (sings backing vocal part), it’s just really, again, it’s just evocative, and it pushes you into something and it’s quite beautiful. So I had this song lying around. I did it with (producer) Ron Aniello. It sounded good but it was missing something. Sometimes I have a tendency to push people back from making it dirtier, which is probably a control thing, but we had a nice version, and then I met Jack Antonoff and Ron and I were like, ‘Oh, let’s see what Jack thinks of this song, what he’d do,’ and Jack took it in, just roughed it up a bit, and just put some horns on it and made it earthier.”

Springsteen: “Yeah.”

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34 minutes ago, Gretsch Country Gentleman said:

It might be heresy around here, but I've listened to this song more than any song off Western Stars or LTY.

I think that's fair enough because, for Bruce, Jack Antonoff could be his future.

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